Spanish Hill is a huge lone glacial moraine located in South Waverly, PA. It is just 1/4 mile east of the Chemung River (the western branch of the Susquehanna above Tioga Point), and just south of Waverly, NY and the New York state border. (At one time is was located within the Waverly, NY borders!)

My name is Deb Twigg and I got hooked on trying to figure out Spanish Hill around 2003, and continue to push research concerning it and our local prehistory still today - this website is built to share that research and to share our local prehistoric and early historic past with you. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring information that you will share. Here's a short video that tells the story of how I began...

For your convenience, I placed this video below that will play a presentation I did in 2013 about Spanish Hill by different subjects. You can watch this here or just page through the site on the pages you are most interested in.

Spanish Hill is a glacial moraine - or simply put,  a pile of rock and gravel that dumped out of a glacier thousands of years ago.
Spanish Hill is private property, no trespassing is permitted.
 The hill is bordered by the Chemung River to it's west and the NY/PA border to it's north, right about at 42 degrees latitude.

 The hill itself has been a subject of local legend and mystery for centuries because of it's shape (very steep sides) and size (230 feet to it's summit) and because of the strange embankments that were found along it's top.

 It did not have trees on it or it's sides until relatively recent times. Here are some pictures showing as the trees begin to take it over:

It has been not only a curiosity - but a local landmark as can be seen on this 1881 lithograph of Waverly, NY.

Here is a close up view of the portion on the lithograph depicting Spanish Hill:

The Hill is also depicted in the Waverly Post office:

Here is a closeup: