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SPANISH HILL - South Waverly, PA


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Louise3.JPG (6461 bytes)"Of many points of historic interest in our valley, perhaps none has attracted more attention or roused more speculation, from the earliest times to the present, than the mound called Spanish Hill.  This prominence is due not only to its unusual position (isolated from the hill ranges and regions), but also to its odd outline, the remains of fortifications on the top, and its present name." - ~Louise Welles Murray -"History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens -"1908. Learn more about Louise Welles Murray here.

“Until more information is known, it seems imprudent to eliminate Spanish Hill as a possible site related to the nation of Carantouan, as some researchers have done (Kent 1984:300-301, McCracken 1984).”

PA Archaeologist, Volume 75, 2, Fall 2005. click here!

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." ~Horace Mann

                                                                                       Spanish Hill is currently private property. Trespassing is not advised.