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Spanish Hill Susquehannocks
The Susquehannocls were named by Captain John Smith as he named the Susquehanna River that he found them living on. The French referred to the same people as the Andastes. Watch the following video to learn more about these warlike people who were said to be the only ones that the Iroquois ever feared.

Above illustration is from Captain John Smith's map  (1693) - Click here to view entire map.


From The Voyages of CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH (of Jamestown, Va.) during the Years 1607-9:

". . . 60 of those Susquehannocks came to us . . . such great and well proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English . . .these are the strangest people of all those countries both in language and attire; for their language it may well beseeme their proportions, sounding from them as a voice in a vault. Their attire is the skinnes of beares and woolves, some have cassocks made of beares heades and skinnes . . . The halfe sleeves coming to the elbows were the heades of beares and the arms through the open mouth . . . one had the heade of a woolf hanging from a chain for a jewell . . . with a club suitable to his greatness sufficient to beat out ones brains. Five of their chiefe wereowances came aboard us . . . (of) the greatest of them his hayre, the one side was long and the other shorn close with a ridge over his crowne like a cocks combe . . . The calfe of whose leg was f a yard around and all the rest of his limbes so answerable to that proportion that he seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld!"

These people were a grand site and very powerful. This is very easy to see just by looking at John Smith's map - you will see the picture on the right of this page representing these great warriors casting a shadow on the whole upper east area. Click here

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